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The idea of Indie-Go! was first thought of in 1996 among three enthusiasts: Miško, Paun & Goran, who were passionately making music collections of widely known, rare and newly released independent music: punk, new wave, electro, gothic, noise, madchester, britpop, guitar alternative. The not-yet-famous three realised that Belgrade needed a night out where the public would be given the opportunity to listen to this kind of music.
Starting from the summer of 1996, Indie-Go! - the concept was brought to life in the club ‘Akademija’ and, after it was closed later that year, in clubs: ‘Fili’, ‘Radionica’, ‘Kalemegdanska Tvrđava’, ‘Jazzbina’, ‘Magna House’, etc. and at private parties all over the city. With the reopening of the ‘Akademija’, in the beginning of 2003, Indie-Go! made its comeback to its original venue.
From its early beginnings, the Indie-Go! idea managed to introduce the new notion of DJ-ing in Belgrade; so the songs were never the same, none of the bands was more privileged than others (except on theme nights), and, finally, the variety of trends within the alternative music was always emphasised on and with it the necessity of promoting the latest releases on the indie scene from all over the world.
Indie-Go! DJ team has gone through several changes over the past seven years, which resulted in the current line-up: Tanja ‘Move-on’, Nikola aka Dexter, Mališa, Paun & Goran aka Limago.
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